Buildings and other landmarks

Campden is notable for its honey-coloured oolitic limestone buildings:  a 'history in stone'.

Page link: Chipping Campden's Treasures
Chipping Campden's Treasures
Information to accompany the Family Trail leaflet
Page link: Traditional Cotswold Roofs
Traditional Cotswold Roofs
Their origin and why they look the way they do
Page link: Sundials in Campden
Sundials in Campden
Telling the time by the Sun
Page link: The Court and its ancillary buildings
The Court and its ancillary buildings
A very speculative article
Page link: Dover's House
Dover's House
"Early Georgian of great beauty and refinement." (Pevsner)
Page link: Reading the architecture
Reading the architecture
Dating a building by looking at the windows
Page link: The Almshouses
The Almshouses
Accommodation for six poor men and six poor women
Page link: The Threadmaker's House
The Threadmaker's House
A house with links to Campden's cottage industries