This section contains information about the people who have created the history of Campden - significant benefactors like Sir Baptist Hicks and John Fereby; people who contributed to the artistic life of the town like C R Ashbee, F L Griggs and Jesse Taylor and the ordinary people who have lived and worked here over the centuries.

Page link: Jesse Taylor 1865 - 1938
Jesse Taylor 1865 - 1938
Campden photographer of local events and everyday life
Page link: Richard Weoley
Richard Weoley
Campden man became wealthy London merchant and Master of the Founders' Company
Page link: Sir Baptist Hicks
Sir Baptist Hicks
Moneylender to King James I, benefactor and first Viscount Campden
Page link: The Woodward Family
The Woodward Family
Working with Cotswold stone
Category link: Arts, Artists and Craftspeople
Arts, Artists and Craftspeople
Brief biographies of people involved in the arts who lived in Campden and contributed to its history
Category link: Campden Characters
Campden Characters
Brief biographies of some of "the locals"