Churches, Chapels and Meeting Rooms

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Photo:Baptist Church

Baptist Church

Mary Fielding

Photo:St Catharine's RC Church

St Catharine's RC Church

Mary Fielding

Photo:The former Methodist Chapel, now a private house

The former Methodist Chapel, now a private house

Mary Fielding

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St James' Parish Church dominates, but the Campden area has had many places of religious worship.

Baptist Chapel, Upper High Street

In 1724 a certificate was presented to the Bishop of Gloucester saying that Presbyterians intended to hold a meeting to worship God in a new house built for that purpose in Chipping Campden.  This Campden meeting house became a Baptist Chapel when the Rev. Elisha Smith arrived as pastor in 1785.  A new Baptist Church was built  to replace the chapel, with a manse and schoolroom in  1872.

Methodist Chapel, Back Ends

The first mention of Methodist Society in Campden is apparently 1808, and the first mention of a Methodist chapel is in 1841.   It was a house bought by Robert Miles in 1830 and sold by him in 1841 to the Methodists for their use as a Chapel ‘for the next 130 years’.  It closed in 1975 and was converted back to a private house in 1976.  See also Notes & Queries, Vol IV, pp 27 & 47.

Friends Meeting House, Broad Campden.

A Quaker Chapel was established in 1663 and this ceased to be used by Friends in 1874, the building becoming a sort of village hall, used by other Nonconformist denominations, but was bought back and re-established as a Quaker Chapel in 1962.  See also Notes & Queries, Vol 1, page 26.

Norman Chapel, Broad Campden

There used to be a Norman chapel, dedicated to St Mary Magdalene, which dates from the late 11th or early 12th century, which was possibly the site of the first parish church as Broad Campden was then the main centre of population for "Campedene". It probably fell into disuse after the Dissolution and became derelict, until C.R. Ashbee rebuilt it as a private house in c. 1908 for the Anglo-Sinhalese geologist, art expert and writer, Ananda Coomaraswamy.

St Katherine's Chapel

In about 1180 Hugh de Gondeville, the lord of the manor, established a new chapel, dedicated to St Katherine of Alexandria, which was endowed with land in Westington to pay for the services of two chaplains.  The exact location of this chapel is unknown, but could well have been on or near the site of the existing Parish Church in Berrington.

St Michael and All Angels Church, Broad Campden

St Michael and All Angels Church was built in 1868 by the 2nd Earl of Gainsborough in memory of his father. 

Chapel of Ease, Westington

Built in 1855 at the junction of Sheep Street, Catbrook and Westington but demolished by the end of the century, some of the stones being used in the building of the Catholic church.

St Catharine's Roman Catholic Church

In the 1850s the 2nd Earl of Gainsborough became a Roman Catholic and a significant Catholic community grew up in and around Campden.  Services were held in the domestic chapel at Campden House and in the chapel of the Catholic school in Lower High Street, then called Cow Fair.  However, in June 1891 an old barn was demolished to make way for a new church, built with the financial help of the Earl who gave the site and most of the materials for the Church. 

A Priest's House was built adjacent to the Church in 1938, designed by F L Griggs and boasts an exterior carving by Eric Gill.

Plymouth Brethren

A congregation of Plymouth Brethren had a Meeting Room in Park Road until the late 20th century.

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