The Hartwell Family of Ebrington & Chipping Campden.

Family Tree

Tess Taylor

A DNA test of a male Hartwell indicates that we are of mostly Celtic descent with traces of Danish Viking & Anglo Saxon! 

?1682 William Hartwell born.

1719 was the baptism of Samuel, son of William and Elizabeth Hartwell of Ebrington.

1749 was the baptism of Thomas, son of Samuel and his wife, Anne Hartwell of Ebrington.

1767 was the marriage of Thomas and Ann's son, Thomas Hartwell to Mary Merrill in Westington. Mary was one of the first five Baptists in Chipping Campden.

1795 was the marriage of Thomas and Mary's son Thomas to Ann James in Campden. Thomas was a stone mason.

1829 was the marriage of Thomas and Ann's son George to Elizabeth Buckingham. They lived in Mount Pleasant and later in North End, Leysbourne. George was a mason like his father and Elizabeth, a gloveress. Among their children were twins, William and Enoch, though William died aged 18 weeks.

Enoch and Martha and their ten children

1864 Enoch married Martha Fell at the Catholic Chapel, Foxcote.  Enoch was also a stone mason.  Martha was born in Essex and in the 1861 census was working as a seamstress in a Chelsea Convent. It was she who introduced Roman Catholicism into the Hartwell family. They began married life in Church Street before moving to 1, West End Terrace where members of the family resided for nearly 100 years. In present times their great granddaughter, Kate lives at 2 West End Terrace.

Their ten children grew up in 1 West End Terrace, Chipping Campden.

The eldest, William George, born 1865, was discharged from the Grenadier Guards with palpitations of the heart but later joined the Army Pay Corps under the assumed name of John Pearce. He died at sea in 1902 coming home from the Boer War.

A second son, Edward, was born in 1867 but sadly died of a 'fever' aged six years.

Their third child, Winifred Agnes, was born in 1869 but sadly died from meningitis, a complication of measles, aged one year.

Their fourth child was another daughter, Alice, born in 1871. In 1903 she married an army Doctor, Archibald Ireland  and with him spent some years in the West Indies. They had no children. Following Archibald's death Alice retired to live with her sister at West End Terrace.

Gamekeeper gored by bull

A third son, Oswald Lewis but known as Lewis was born in 1874. Marrying a Scottish lass and informally adopting a son, Lewis worked as a gamekeeper in Wales. Family folklore is that he was gored by a bull but it is not clear whether that was contributory to his death, aged forty-four years.  He was once fined £1 at Campden Magistrates Court for being in possesion of a revolver without a licence!

A third daughter, Agnes Cecelia, was born in 1876 and never married. She was at  one time nursemaid to the Hons. Archie and Jane Noel at Campden House and besides caring for her elderly mother, she raised her brother, Joe's son, Bill. Sailing twice from Bristol to Jamaica to visit her sister, in 1904 & 1908 she spoke of glorious fancy dress balls they had aboard HMS Port Royal & Port Henderson.

A fourth daughter, Catherine Augusta was born in 1877 and in 1902 was married in Brussels to an Irish widower, Pat Moran. She had no children of her own. They lived in retirement at Spring Cottage, Campden. Pat was a keen swimmer and taught many Campden children to swim.

Breeding Chow dogs

A fourth son, Joseph Thomas, was born in 1880. As a youngster he started work as a house boy at Campden House. (His Godparents were Viscount & Viscountess Campden, presumably because they belonged to a strong Catholic community). Eventually working for Major General Villiers Hatton, Commander-in-Chief of British forces in South China, he travelled with him to China, Hong Kong & Japan which was where he became interested in chow dogs that he later bred successfully. Taking puppies as far as the USA, he also sold one to the Queen's grandmother, the Countess of Strathmore.  Both he and his wife became Crufts judges. About 1920 he had his own gun shop in Curzon Street, Mayfair and I am told that one can still buy Joe Hartwell guns. He had three sons, Maurice and Howard (a Jesuit trainee who sadly drowned in the river Evenlode at Charlbury)  by his wife, Maud whom he'd married in Hong Kong in 1905 and William, by Alice Taylor.

A last daughter, Frances was born in 1882 and she married Augustus Hinks in St Catharine's RC Church in 1907. Gus served in World War I. They lived  at one time in London before returning to Campden, first to 3 West End Terrace before moving to 10 Catbrook. They had three children though one died in infancy

 Edgar Hartwell was the youngest of the ten children.  Besides  being a  master builder, he was an undertaker and blacksmith. He built the Presbytery in Campden. A further sideline was arranging fruit picking gangs and buying the fruit from both local orchards and some further afield. He was married twice, first in 1908 to Emily May Treadwell of Weston Subedge by whom he had two children. Following her death he married Edith Cotterell of Willersey Hill Farm (now Dormy House Hotel) in 1924by whom he had one son, Peter.

Gunpowder explosion! In 1947 the family were to make headlines in the national papers when gun powder used in tree felling drying in front of an open fire was ignited by a spark. The four occupants were badly burnt & saved only by the prompt action of villagers who were drinking in the Seagrave Arms when they heard the cry, 'Fire'. Taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham by Blockley ambulance, the family survived.


The author is ninth generation from William Hartwell, granddaughter of Joe Hartwell and daughter of William ('Bill') Hartwell Taylor.



Photo:Edgar Hartwell with two of his sisters & fruit picking gang.

Edgar Hartwell with two of his sisters & fruit picking gang.

Photo:Martha Hartwell with two of her daughters & three grandchildren about 1914

Martha Hartwell with two of her daughters & three grandchildren about 1914

Photo:Post card sent from Joe Hartwell to his sister, Frances

Post card sent from Joe Hartwell to his sister, Frances

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